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Members are Friends Groups, individuals and other groups (such as indigenous plant nurseries) sharing the aims of the KooyongKoot Alliance (KKA).

Our members include:

  • Friends Groups: groups of volunteers who work at specific sites or parks usually by arrangement with landholders (such as Local Government). Some groups, such as the Urban Guerrillas, are more mobile and thrive on projects throughout the KooyongKoot catchment and beyond.
  • Indigenous plant nurseries: nurseries, run by volunteers, that grow indigenous plants suitable for revegation projects within the catchment.
  • Individuals, like you, who share our goals and who want to support our work.

A membership fee, set at each year’s Annual General Meeting, applies to ordinary members. Fee-free Associate Membership is also offered. The primary difference is that Associate Members cannot vote at Committee meetings.

Members have access to protected resources via the Member Login below:


Stakeholders in the KooyongKoot catchment include local communities, the KooyongKoot Alliance and member groups as well as Local Government, Water Authorities, Private Landholders, Sporting Clubs, Traditional Owners and downstream water managers such as the Yarra RiverKeeper. Many of the stakeholders, including the KKA, have united in the Gardiners Creek (KooyongKoot) Regional Collaboration (GCRC).

Interested in becoming a KKA member?

You can view the KKA rules here.