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The KooyongKoot Alliance (KKA) is a not-for-profit and predominately volunteer organisation. Volunteering is in our DNA – our founder members consist of Friends Groups and Council Advisory Committees. Our membership has been expanded to include related groups and individuals who share our objectives such as indigenous plant nurseries..

Volunteering opportunities within KKA

The following volunteering opportunities exist within the KKA and its projects and programs:


  • Become a member of one of our Member Friends Groups – see our Friends Groups page for a group that might be right for you and to make contact via the links provided on that page.
  • Become an individual member of the KKA – see our Members page.
  • Start a Friends Group with KKA assistance – please see Setting up a new group.
  • Volunteer for admin, IT and web-site work – please Contact Us.


  • Join the KKA – see our Members page.
  • The KKA encourages corporate volunteering – philanthropy by organisations and their employees on project work for the KKA – please Contact Us.
  • The KKA encourages schools and universities to participate in our projects and programs – please Contact Us.