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Ashburton Forest

Ashburton Forest looking west from Warrigal Road (1929)

Ashburton Forest was remnant bushland following Gardiners Creek (KooyongKoot) near where its tributary, Scotchmans Creek, joins the creek. Prior to European settlement, the Ashburton Forest was open, grassy woodland with many River Red Gums and native grasses. The forest further diminshed as the area became increasingly urbanised. Of the two project sites discussed below, the Ashburn Grove site has remnant stands of River Red Gums and Lightwoods, and some native grasses. The Clifford Close site is bounded by KooyongKoot (Gardiners Creek). The area was an important resource for the Wurundjeri, supplying stone and wood for tool making, plants used for food and medicines, and other food sources.


Friends of Ashburton Forest

The Friends of Ashburton Forest is the relevant friends’ group. 

The group formed to protect, care for, weed, and revegetate the area historically known as Ashburton Forest. The group grew out of Boroondara Council’s (former) Backyard Biodiversity Program. The group formed in June, 2011 and is currently working on weeding and revegetating two sites.

Current projects and activities include:

  • Currently weeding and revegetating two sites: the small reserve at 88 Ashburn Grove and a reserve in Clifford Close, Ashburton.
  • The group is also helping with planting at Markham Reserve Ashburton – please see more on that project here.
  • Regular working bees held once a month on Sundays from 10:00-12:00. The group welcomes everyone and the working bees are very social with plenty of time for a chat and morning tea at the end of the working bee.

For more information: