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Blackburn Creeklands

Gardiners Creek/KooyongKoot near Pakenham Street, Blackburn Creeklands

The Blackburn Creeklands bushland reserve consists of three continuous “linear” parks running along KooyongKoot in central Blackburn – downstream from the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary and the “Below the Lake” area.

Furness Park, Kalang Park and Blacks Walk combine to form the Blackburn Creeklands – a delightful mixture of bushland and open space areas surrounding the creek.  The three parks cover a total area of approximately 21 hectares, extending 1.4km from Middleborough Road in the west to Blackburn Road in the east.


Blackburn Creeklands and surrounds

To the west, Blacks Walk is adjacent to the Sparks Reserve retarding basin and, further downstream, the Gardiners Creek Reserve.

The Blackburn Creeklands, along with nearby private properties, provide an important biolink corridor and habitat which help preserve provide natural biodiversity including indigenous fauna and flora in central Blackburn – while providing a variety of recreational and educational opportunities for the community.

Blackburn Creeklands Advisory Committee

The Blackburn Creeklands Advisory Committee (BCAC) is the relevant friends’ group. 

Current projects and activities include:

  • Monitoring the park and providing liaison between the community and authorities with an emphasis on environmental enhancement of the park and its surrounding corridor.  This includes indigenous planting, weeding and revegetation towards improving biolinks and biodiversity.
  • Weekly working bees (year-round on Thursday mornings).  These focus on maintenance of existing sites in collaboration with Melbourne Water, Whitehorse Council and its contractors.
  • Monthly community-oriented working bees (during the planting season on Sunday mornings).  Four community planting days are planned for this year for revegetation projects.
  • Bird surveys and other community education via an active noticeboard and a monthly newsletter.

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