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Setting up a new group

The KooyongKoot Alliance is dedicated to supporting member Friends and Advisory Committee groups within the KooyongKoot catchment.

This includes assistance and advice in the process of setting up a new not-for-profit group.

Questions to consider (this page requires further development – please Contact Us in the meantime).

  • What type of group, what location(s) ?
    • Park based ?
    • More mobile ?
    • How many members?
  • Legal risks/responsibilities
  • Council, Parks Vic or Independent ?
  • Incorporated ?
    • CAV rules – model rules OK? You can view the KKA rules here.
    • Classes of membership/voting rights?
    • How many Office-bearers ?
    • ACNC Registered charity?
  • Insurances
  • Costs
  • Start-up Grants