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The Creek Beyond the Lake

The Creek Beyond the Lake refers to a small creek that feeds into Blackburn Lake in Nunawading – upstream from the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary towards Springvale Road.


Map needs clearer definition of the extents (with Bob)

The Creek Beyond the Lake

The Creek Beyond the Lake is the Friends’ group looking after this section of Gardiners Creek. Adventcare, on behalf of ‘the Creek project’, is a member of Kooyongkoot Alliance.

Current projects and activities include:

  • Restoration of four sites along the creek – two have been partly planted out, with the remainder to be completed this year.
  • Identifying the inflowing sources to the creek by mapping drains.
  • Preparing a strategic document to outline path to goals and establishing an evaluation methodology.
  • Building the group’s capability and funding, increasing neighbourhood connections, registered contacts and improving visitor connection.
  • Conducting a celebratory festival on the Creek.


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E-mail:  Convenor: Bob Simpson