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Wurundjeri Walk

Wurundjeri Walk is a linear park of 20 hectares extending most of the way between Middleborough and Blackburn Roads in Blackburn South.

The park is comprised of the following parks and reserves:

  • Wilkes Place Link
  • The Wurundjeri Wetlands.
  • Orchard Grove Reserve – including a “Rain Garden”
  • Hurter / Finch Street Link

The walk follows an old water course (these days sometimes referred to not-so-sympathetically as the Fulton Road Drain) which joins KooyongKoot at the Box Hill Golf Club. A tributary from the Eley / Holland Roads area in Burwood East unites with the drain at the Wurundjeri Wetlands.


The walk extends from Wilkes Place/Bono Close near Middleborough Road in the west to Finch Place in the east which joins Blackburn Road. From the western Wilkes Place link, the walk traverses the Wurundjeri Wetlands, through the Orchard Grove Reserve to the Hurter Street / Finch Place link.

Bungalook Nursery is located on the edge of Orchard Grove Reserve on Fulton Road towards Illowra Walk.

Relevant Friends’ Group

The Friends of  Wurundjeri Walk is the new group active in Wurundjeri Walk. Formerly, the Wurundjeri Walk Advisory Committee was active in the park for many years. Sadly, that group folded when key members retired or moved away from the area – in combination with the COVID lock-downs which adversely affected volunteering in general.

So, support for the park is being restored through the Friends of Wurundjeri Walk – please contact Sabastian via e-mail if you are interested in participating.

Web-site: (this is the former Wurundjeri Walk Advisory Committee web-site)

Also: (this is another former Wurundjeri Walk Advisory Committee web-site focussed on the history of the area).

Facebook:  none (yet).