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Yarra Riverkeeper resigns

In a major blow for the health of Melbourne’s major waterways, the Yarra Riverkeeper, Charlotte Sterrett, has resigned. This follows the Yarra Riverkeeper Associations (YRKA’s) CEO, Karin Traeger, having been made redundant in March, 2023. The underlying problem appears to be a very serious decline in funding over the past few years which potentially threatens the viability of the YRKA. 

Charlotte Sterrett – photo courtesy of the Yarra Riverkeeper Association

This YRKA is a charity comprised of advocates who represent and protect the Yarra River – providing an effective voice for the river. The YRKA monitors the river’s health and advocates for its future – educating government, planners, businesses, and local communities on why the river must be conserved.

Our KooyongKoot (aka Gardiners) Creek is, of course, a tributary of the Yarra – healthy creeks help make a healthy river.  Charlotte has been a brilliant operator showing great leadership and ever-willing to help others in the field including the KKA Committee and members.  She provided very useful advice when our group was forming and has attended several events including the official launch of the Gardiners Creek (KooyongKoot) Regional Collaboration.

We thank her for her contributions and wish her all the best for her future endeavours (after a well-deserved rest). We also trust that the YRKA works through its current difficulties to fully resume its activities protecting the Yarra and building for the future.

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